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Earth Heart consists of 8 privately owned homes in a co-housing community in a beautiful valley in rural Derbyshire. All of the buildings are grade II listed with a rich heritage. We share 21 acres of land managed primarily for nature conservation and increasing biodiversity on a Nature England Environmental Stewardship Scheme. Eco-friendly communal services include the reed-bed water system and wood-chip boiler. There are also shared outbuildings available for storage, workshop space, community meetings and social events.

The housing co-operative was originally established in 1997. Over the past 25 years, it has evolved to include people at all stages of life who share a common ethos of the importance of community and of caring for the environment. We have the advantage of being able to enjoy our independent lives with privacy when we want it, whilst also living within a mutually supportive and sociable community. We work together (for example on our monthly work days) and our cooperative meetings involve decision making through consensus.

Opportunities arise from time to time to buy, rent or lodge here. If you are interested, please check the ‘Join Us’ page on our website for current vacancies.




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